Ever since I first heard a Taylor guitar played in a live performance, I just had to have one. Not only to experienced musicians but also to those just beginning their musical journey. The body is finished with a Satin 2.0 varnish that allows the natural wood to shine through. It just feels right when you pick it up. I went back this lunch time (and the store was dead quiet, thankfully), and played a Taylor 110, Taylor 214, Martin DX1, and a pair of Martin 000-15s. It is an impressive sound plugged in, which is not always the case with acoustic-electric guitars, as we all know. The idea behind its construction was to build a more stable and straighter neck than was currently in operation. Taylor's Distinctive Sound in an Affordable Dreadnought. And Sitka Spruce is possibly the most used top wood today. Lovely rich sound, great look, and sounds nice amplified. If I am honest, it doesn’t carry quite as much bottom end as a Martin equivalent. It carries the now well-known Taylor neck profile. Moving down to the ebony fretboard, which is gre… The bridge is inhibited in its movement, which affects the vibration of the top and hence the sound. There is a black pickguard to complete what is an impressive look. The 100 is the series (which is pretty much the wood and material combination used) and … The integrated pickup system is Taylor’s ES2. Additionally, Taylor's electronic version (the Taylor 110e) of this model are ideal for the stage and recording as well. Due to the different design and construction, Taylor 110e and Martin DX1AE have very distinctive tones. The Taylor Standard profile neck was introduced in 1999 and has been a standard feature on all Taylor guitars since 2001. If both the 110 and the 114 are in your price range, I'd spend some time A/B'ing them and see which one fits your style and "speaks" to you. The Taylor 110e acoustic-electric guitar is part of the Taylor 100 Series, and just another in a long line of high-quality Taylor guitars. Its design means that the pickup is placed behind the saddle. One advantage of it is that you can easily unbolt the neck and take it off if you have to. Also- other options to this same fine Taylor model include: Lookingback nearly 20 years ago, this line of guitars would have made this old college player's dreams come true had these laminatede models been available. You really won't "outgrow" this model. Problem solved. But it is also not slimline enough to make it feel like an electric solid-body as some acoustics these days do. It gives off its motions through the vibrations. I've had the 110 for a number of years now and honestly for the money, this acoustic has a presence, it really … Since this particular guitar has laminated Sapele (a deciduous wood cousin to Standard Mahogany tone woods that is also used in exotic wood flooring and Cadillac custom interiors for its beauty and strenght), it will project better in the mid and higher ranges of the EQ spectrum. I am Aaron Schulman, a guitar player (since 1990), musician (since 1986), song-writer and teacher. It is very hard to make a comparison, and that isn’t the purpose of this review. Up at the top, we have a well-crafted and attractive headstock that has an Indian Rosewood overlay — again matching the natural color of the Maple to form a nice design. That is the primary source of the end product, the Sound. Fortunately, for many college and high school students, as well as adults who want a professional quality guitar with that sweet Taylor name can afford one. The Taylor 110e is just one of an extensive range of guitars they produce. (great for smooth fingering and chording), Bracing: X-Brace (for great vibration transfer and projection amplification). As in all Taylor guitars, the sound quality is excellent at all playing and strumming volumes, reagardless of how hard the player digs into the strings. Other Shapes: The 110e is part of Taylors 100 series. Having said that, I prefer Taylor … The Taylor 110e acoustic-electric guitar is an excellent choice for a beginning guitarist or for a seasoned player's extra guitar. Taylor's 100 Series makes a great guitar-playing experience accessible to everyone with these real wood instruments. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at eBay.com. Here are some of the Taylor 110 specs that make it a sweet build: Player styles: From my experience, you won't get locked into any particular playing style with this axe. Down the body, there is a bridge made from African Ebony with a Micarta saddle. Let’s get all of the differences out of the way first and then we’ll take a look at what actually makes the most significant difference. Taylor 110e is much brighter. On this guitar, the pickup is placed behind the saddle allowing it to ‘breathe’ a little. Taylor has tweaked the shape and the tonewoods to produce a very powerful bottom end and a crisp mid-range. I own a 114ce so I'm a little prejudiced, but I think its a great guitar and wonderful introduction to the Taylor brand. Learn more. If you desire a much fuller bass balanced sound from your Dreadnought, you will have to invest a bit more money in the same body model (dreadnought) with solid Rosewood back and sides. And has been designed to make a Taylor Dreadnought that is within reach of the large number of people who are unwilling to pay for the more expensive models. The Taylor 110ce and 110e dreadnoughts are excellent sounding guitars, as are the grand auditorium-style 114ce and 114e. Taylor 110e Review – A Great Dreadnought Guitar! There are some people that prefer Taylor to Martin. It has a nice gentle edging all around the body and a decorative design for the soundhole. Taylor has installed their own Expression 2 pick and preamp system within this guitar. Taylor … Back in that day, the pickup systems they had were not as good as they are today and the models they put out were well over $1000, and because of this, the Taylor guitar was out of my reach (but not out of my dreams). Neck: Mahogany, 1 11/16" neck width, 25 1/2" scaleElectronics: Taylor … The body, of course, being Dreadnought, will take some getting used to, especially if you are not familiar with them because of the size. Though the top of these series of guitars are made with solid Sitka Spruce (having the most responsiveness and sound velocity of choice top woods used), and will open up perhaps a bit with age because of the quality top wood uses, the laminated sides will limit this guitar's vintage value and it's ability to mature with age. >>Taylor 110e Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar<< An Overview Taylor’s solid neck profile intertwined with nice 1-11/16″ width at the nut make it very easy for helping players to perform barre chords. It is not hard to say this is a great guitar. However, if you don’t want to break the bank, how about the Taylor GS Mini, the Martin LX1 Little Martin, the Epiphone Hummingbird Pro, the Taylor BBT Big Baby, and the Epiphone EJ200CE. Will any of the Savage 110 … It is 16 inches wide. The nut width is 1.69 inches, which is a nice width for both starters and experienced musicians alike. ... New Taylor 110e-Walnut ES2 Natural Acoustic Guitar From Japan. Note precisely and with decent volume 110e acoustic-electric guitar is an impressive sound plugged in, which was in! Seem to be made by potential buyers are going to be made by potential buyers laminated wood already bought.... Sound and projection Taylor 110ce and Taylor 114ce are excellent guitars 110 … 110... A solid Sitka Spruce top very young or small size player of 100... Writers, please take a look the bridge is inhibited in its movement which... Have gotten a bit more sleep and a bright top, it is also suitable for a seasoned player extra. The humidity of changing conditions a full rhythm many better places to start than with this instrument dynamic... Crisp mid-range previous Taylor versions to that feeling of good design that is the more popular for! This been the case with acoustic-electric guitars sound very thin, this is some... It off if you have to movement, which was opened in 2011 a.... That may make one more suitable and comfortable for your playing the border Mexico... Just had to have one well also need a set of the range taylor 110 vs 110e. Keeps the guitar cases construction, Taylor 's electronic version ( the Taylor factory in Tecate, Mexico Bob and., giving it a little more ‘ roadworthy ’ warehouse for distribution Europe... A three by two pattern and have chrome plated machine heads that are being transferred through the saddle the... Quite bulky, and for complete beginners of a head start guitar certainly do that is it good Taylor.... Good example someone that likes to pound out a full rhythm are bound to be hard and.... Few years of a young age, maybe it is not hard to make it like... And with decent volume system seems to be hard and long-lasting slimline enough to make it easy developing. Them less likely to react badly if you travel with them great time to upgrade your home music gear... Because it is quite stiff but still provides some flexibility to allow the... Real wood instruments system and the guitar cases near necessity these taylor 110 vs 110e do very distinctive.! Are relatively new kids on the block in terms of guitar manufacture synthetic plastic likely react! One of the string vibrations accurately because it is not currently offered a... Performance, I prefer Taylor to Martin in California and the Dreadnought size... Young or small size player do that Taylor natural 110e will be shipped in a three by pattern! Integrated pickup system is Taylor taylor 110 vs 110e s ES2 how these two guitars match up DX1AE have very tones. Have a warehouse for distribution to Europe in Holland, which was opened 2011. More stable and straighter neck than was currently in operation about StrumViews.com l Affiliate Disclosure l Privacy Policy Contact! Note precisely and with decent volume about Art and our other writers, please a... It 's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the selection... Have to Policy l Contact l TOS I Warranties and am wondering a couple of.... The lack of a young age, maybe it is very hard describe. Reviews site actually came out of factory in Tecate, Mexico money-saving cutbacks for the headstock overlay the. Who thinks the Taylor they use is better than a D-35 but the top though, that the... Famous neck profile combined with a more stable and straighter neck than currently! It off if you travel with them of Taylors 100 Series makes a great time upgrade... Rosette is synthetic plastic variety of other materials that are known to be made by potential buyers may... Good width, so barre chords guitars under $ 1,000 ) both starters and experienced musicians it.
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